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Sunday School

Classes are taught for kindergarten through adult.  The children’s classes use our covenantal catechism material which traces through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Bible Study

As a time of informal group singing, prayer and Bible study, we enjoy fellowship together bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings in member’s homes.

Catechism Classes

The pastor, in conjunction with the parents, instructs the youth weekly in Biblical doctrine and our Confessional Standards, as well as in church history.


Fellowship Meals

In conjunction with the observance of the Lord’s Supper ordinarily on the first Sunday of  every month, following the worship service we enjoy a fellowship meal together with seasonal themes.

Family Visits

The pastor, elders, and deacons engage annually in family visits, informally meeting in the homes of each family in the congregation, focusing on a particular passage of Scripture, and seeking to edify God’s people through reading, prayer, counsel, encouragement, and admonition.

Women’s Fellowship

Meeting monthly, the purpose is to provide a regular forum for group fellowship among the women of the church; coordinate social functions of the church; minister to the widows of the church through visitation and communication with the deacons for various needs; and promote opportunities for service to other individuals, families, and organizations.